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O'Grady Library and COVID-19

There has been a pretty robust discussion of how the COVID-19 health crisis affects the fair use doctrine as it relates to online instruction.  Below is a video and a couple links that cover the contours of this conversation.  It should be noted this does not constitute legal advice.

Below is adapted language from the University of Virginia that their library has attached to scans that clarify some of the points of fair use in the present circumstances.  If you create scans of materials for students, we would recommend including this language to add another potential layer of protection:
This copy of copyrighted material is being provided to you by your instructor from Saint Martin’s University in our effort to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is for your personal use only and is intended for use during this time when the university’s public health measures prevent you from accessing a personal copy or a copy on physical reserve at the library. Please do not share this copy with others and please discard it once you have access to your own personal materials or a physical copy available through the library or a library service that may be temporarily unavailable (e.g. interlibrary loan).
(This language has been modified with permission from a University of Virginia Libraries statement and shared via slide 25 of
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