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Introduction to Saints Search

Quick Reference

  • When using Saints search, enter 3-5 keywords and NOT whole questions or statements; Saints Search will treat each word as a separate search term and you are very unlikely to get any results.
  • Use operators between search terms to group and emphasize terms or direct Saints search to ignore certain terms.
  • When searching for a specific title, the easiest way to find it is to enter some or all of the title in quotation marks in the search bar.
  • When looking for an item on a particular subject, use either one of two methods:
    1. Use the “Advanced Search” tool and select the “in subject” option from the first dropdown menu on corresponding line of the search term—the default value of this box is “Any.”

NOTE: The easiest way to get to the Advanced Search tool is enter a keyword(s) in the search bar and then click “Advanced Search” next to the “Search” button.

  1. Find an item on the subject, click the title or click “Details” below the item, then click the appropriate subject link, which will appear in the “LCSH and PCI subjects” field and the “Me SH subjects” if the item concerns medicine or nursing topics.
  • To find articles through Saints search, use any of three methods:
    1. If you know the title of the article, enter all or part of it in quotation marks in the search bar.
    2. Do a keyword search, then select the either the “Peer-reviewed Journal” or “Articles” tool in the filters on the left-hand side of the screen.
    3. Open the Advanced Search, and select “Articles” from the Material Type dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Operators (Boolean)

Operators, brief introduction

To give yourself better search results use the following tools (called operators) in your searches: AND, OR, NOT.

When using operators, always capitalize the operator(s) used (AND, OR, NOT). If you don't, Saints Search will treat them as a keyword and not perform their desired function.


AND tells the computer you only want results that include both terms; in some databases (including) Google you can use a plus sign (+):


ex: climate change AND oceans



OR tells the computer you want all the results with both terms:

ex: climate change OR oceans


NOT tells the computer you want a term or set of terms, but not others that may be closely related; in some databases, including Google, you can use a minus sign (-):

ex: climate change NOT oceans

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