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Puyallup tribe

Spuyaləpabš (Puyallup Tribe)

The tribe's name for itself translates as "people at the bend at the bottom of the river" and their traditional lands included the territory from Mt. Rainier down to the mouth of the Puyallup river, in what is now the city of Tacoma, though fishing and gathering took them as far out into the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) as what is now called Vashon Island.  Like the Nisqually, the Puyallup are also signatories of the Medicine Creek Treaty (1854).  The Pyuallup, along with the Nisqually, lead the fishing wars in the 1960s and 1970s to re-assert Native fishing rights in local rivers and the Salish Sea.

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Selected library resources

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Selected web resources

The video below is about the Lushootseed language and local tribal names for Mt. Rainier.

Below is a video on land acknowledgements from the Puyallup Tribe's Lushootseed language revitalization program

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