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*Religious studies

Photograph of Kael Moffat

Kael Moffat

Information Literacy Librarian
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Sunrise over Mount FujiReligious studies is the study of religion as a historical, social, and cultural phenomenon.  In some ways, it can be helpful to think of it more like a qualitative social science than a typical humanities discipline.  To put it another way, it is not so much about learning about the Divine, but rather about how people seek out and relate to the Divine, how they relate to their sacred texts, and how that impacts their self-concept and their interactions with others. 

This research guide has been designed as a general resource to help you conduct research in your religious studies courses here at Saint Martin's University.  I am your librarian in this field and I would love to help you find and evaluate information sources, as well as helping with other questions about such topics as paper organization and citations.

(Image by Kanenori, from, public domain)

Below are some "best bets" for conducting research in this field:

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